From 2021, companies and all public and private entities will be able to support the initiative as Ambassador or Supporter.
Either way you will be special guest of the event and testimonial of a new idea of innovation.

Supporting S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOA 2021 means to embrace a new creative and fascinating idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovation; it means to allow the event organizers to better disseminate locally, nationally and internationally the topics of the conference; it means to support in a single gesture, the concepts of science, technology and contemporary art.

The S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA will give visibility to its supporters during the event on:
- promotional material
- website
- scheduled post on the social networks
- newsletters
- follow-up

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+39 348 791 0087


Piazzetta Andorlini 1/5A,
16124 Genova (IT)
+39 010 2465742