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The S+T+ARTS initiative merges Science, Technology, and the Arts.
It attempts to remove the boundaries between art and engineering to stimulate
creativity and innovation.

The S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA event, as part of the European Commission's S + T + ARTS program, was born in 2019 thanks to the collaboration between CTI Liguria, SPX Lab and the University of Genoa.

With the support of the European Commission, S + T + ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA has been immediately included in the "Festival della Scienza" circuit in Genoa, an international event dedicated to the emerging form of collaboration between science, technology and arts.

The collaboration between different disciplines has the purpose of promoting innovation in the most varied application areas. New creative processes, resulting from the contamination of knowledge and comparison of mentality (lateral thinking), usually distant from each other, are explored to achieve common goals by applying methods of interaction between scientists, artists, engineers and industry. Creative industrial production, urban planning, social and environmental sustainability are just some examples of areas in which the definition of new creative approaches to the realization of innovative ideas and projects benefits from the collaboration between different disciplines.

Also for the year 2022, S+T+ARTS TALKS IN GENOVA is intended for all the scientific and industrial community: through example, dialogue and the presentation of study cases, the event aims to develop greater awareness on the issue of interdisciplinarity within companies and research centers.



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